Friday, June 24, 2011

Cocaine For Breakfast


Worked pretty hard on getting this done perfect but there are a few discrepancies (record fart/little off beat). I try I try! Anyway since my boy got me on that Weeknd and Frank Ocean tip shits been non-stop for my commute for work. And eventually this came out of it.

My boy S.Dot hooked up the amazing cover art. I had a couple rough draft mixes prior and it took us a 5 hour creative session to work out the details of the cover. If anyone out there knows Frank Ocean let him know my boy S.Dot has a cover if he ever releases a single for Novacane.

Anyway for your listening pleasure I present to you

Cocaine for Breakfast

1. Swim Good - Frank Ocean
2. Marvins Room - Drake
3. High For This - Frank Ocean
4. Wildfire - Drake Ft. Little Dragon
5. What You Need - The Weeknd
6. Time Flies - Lykke Li
7. The Birds(Pt.1) - The Weeknd
8. The Morning - The Weeknd
9Little Bit - Lykke Li Ft. Drake
10. Everybody But Me - Lykke Li
11. Rolling in the Deep(John Legend Cover) - John Legend
12. Nature Feels - Frank Ocean
13. Love Crimes - Frank Ocean
14. Novacane - Frank Ocean
Running time: 40:00mins
Bitrate: 256
Size: 74 MB
C4B by Akswun

Megaupload link: Cocaine For Breakfast - Akswun

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Night Called Quest

Heres a little rough mix I threw together for my boy J-Presto and I to listen to on our way to a party we've been doing for the past 2 years in Ottawa. The defunct name of the party was Briefing Sessions with J-Presto headlining. The last of these parties was this one titled "A Night Called Quest"

So fitting enough I put this mix together as a primer for the night. But its funny because in the end EDM was what they wanted. But whatever, that's the nature of Djing.

Quest - Akswun
Quest by Akswun (A Night Called Quest) by Akswun

Friday, January 28, 2011


There are a few things in this world that need a Redux/Redo. For example the Spiderman movies fell off at Spiderman3 and it definitely warrants a redux. Movies like The Dark Night and Hulk were some successful Redux's. And now my last mixtape, Polar Bears & Pianos.

I'm not one to take criticism badly and I actually like it, how else am I going to improve my craft? How do we improve ourselves if we don't take criticism to heart? We need to take it and LEARN.

A few things that were off on my last mixtape if you didn't already notice were my levels and excessive use of sound effects(easy to get caught up in). My levels were so off at times it was clipping on the final product. Something I didn't really notice. As I try to progress in this Dj'ing thing recording your mixes can teach you a lot about how you mix, ie. beat matching and especially levels.
1. Use the levels on your mixer as a gauge of how loud the incoming track will be. Red=Bad Green=Good
2. Equipment can take you so far and that this is one of the myriad of skills of mixing/DJ'ing
3. Practice!!!

I present to you Polar Bears & Pianos 2.0
If anything this Redux is far from the original mix. There are 2 or 3 similar mixes from the last mixtape but definitely a straight up 180. It still focuses on Pianos and Hip-hop but I added and removed a few tracks. Hell it's so different I can actually pass this off as a totally different mixtape, but I'm not going too.

Polar Bears & Pianos 2.0 by Akswun
46 mins
Hate That You Love Me - Dirty Money
Go - Common Ft. Kanye West
Let's Stop Playing - Ghostface Killah Ft. John Legend
Purple - Nas
Life is Better - QTip Ft. Norah Jones
Gettin' Up - QTip
The Next Movement - The Roots
They Say - Common Ft. John Legend
Doo Rags - Nas
Can't Forget About You - Nas Ft. Chrisette Michelle
Don't Feel Right - The roots
It's Over - Ghostface Killah
Ms. Hill - Talib Kweli
Sunshine - Lupe Fiasco
Get em' High - Kanye West Ft. Talib Kweli & Common
Different Languages - Snoop Dogg
My Way Home - Common
My Way - Nas

I want to thank DJ JPresto for the ongoing lessons and constructive criticism. Check him out this Saturday(29th) at Corner Place along with DJ Jr. Eh. Peep the link for some sick mixtapes by JPresto.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Right On!

The Roots - Right On (feat. Joanna Newsom & STS) by TNastee

Not that my opinion counts, but wtf!!,this is my blog dammit. The track you're head bobbing too kills me every time I throw this on deck. I have to say being able to control the track with vinyl like precision is amazing. The possibilities are endless! As I move forward with this DJ thing I become easily amazed by little things I learn. Not only with the new technology but with just the craft. Controlling music to the point where you're making it yours. Not in the sense of jacking it but in the sense of putting your own spin (pun intended) on things. I've been waiting on this fucking Istablizer for my iphone 4 for almost a month. I'm dying to take some video.

Soon come!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Polar Bears & Pianos

So as I push on with this Dj thing I try to come up with ideas for new mix tapes. And so was birthed from my wonderful mind a series of Hip-Hop/R&B mix tapes focusing on different instruments. So to launch the Polar Beezy's Mix tape series I present to you ...

Polar Bears & Pianos

Runaway - Kanye West
I Don't Deserve you Ft. Jerimih - Lloyd Banks
Already Home Ft. Kid Cudi - Jay-Z
My way - Nas
Walk Alone Ft. Truck North, P.O.R.N. & Dice Raw - The Roots
Welcome - J. Cole
9 Am Frestyle - Drake
Dark Fantasy - Kanye West
Different Languages Ft. Jazmine Sullivan - Snoop Dogg
Pretty Girls - Ft. Gucci Mane & Weensey
30 Something - Jay-Z
Chain Heavy - Kanye West
Airplanes Ft. Hayley WIlliams - B.O.B.
Hold Down The Block - Nas
Gone Ft. Consequence & Cam'Ron - Kanye West
Doo Rags - Nas
They Say Ft. John Legend & Kanye West - Common
Drivin' Me Wild Ft. Lily Allen - Common
I Wonder - Kanye West
Let's Stop Playing Ft. John Legend - Ghostface Killah37minutes of HIp-Hop(fairly recent) where Pianos are utilized either in a major or minor way.
Download, Listen & Enjoy!
Polar Bears & Pianos by Akswun

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Camouflage Chameleon

N***a still in ya building, no time to grab the gun I already got your wife and children.......

Another workout mixtape by yours truly. Been working on some juggles and trying to get my timing down with my scratches. Its pretty raw on that Wu Tang tip. A lot of bangers a lot of juggles and a lot of slamming. All thats missing is me screaming all over the mixtape!


Workout7 (Camouflage Cameleon) by Akswun

2010 comes to an end... F***ing End Already!

As 2010 winds down I sit and reflect on the good and the bad of the past year/decade. My journey of life has gone through its ups and downs. Making my way back to Canada from a 4 year stint in the Philippines in 2001. Re-hashing relationships and friendships. Creating new friendships and relationships. The happy and sad times. The excitement of the unexpected to the tears and failures of unsavoury situations.

The past decade was for the most part a winding and narrow path with very little light at the end. It was hard at times to focus on the outcome when the now was so difficult. But thats the nature of life. Its easy to succumb to the bad and hard to do good. But in the end it matured my character, defined who I was, brings you the man you see now.

I think I could go on and on about how tough shit was and how I overcame every adversity. But then it becomes a downfall. Too much focusing on what happened and feeling sorry for what I didn't do right. I'm here now, I'm alive and I look forward to what other obstacles and trials I have to deal with. I could do what everyone else is doing by listing off the good and bad of my life but fuck that shit.

As my boy said back in '05... "this new year is not about moving forward, its about moving UP!"

This may be my last blog post on P.Bizzle for Primeminister. But, no worries because I'm not shutting down. I'm moving UP! Stepping UP my game. Stay tuned.....

Happy New Year boys and Girls!


*informed the decade already started.... as you can see I'm behind... wtf! thanks @djbloo
**you know what I'm talking about.... lol